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Hard & Soft Tissue Biopsy in Leland, NC

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Biopsy in Leland, NC

What Is Biopsy?

Your dentist in Leland, NC may recommend a biopsy to assess any unexplained oral mucosal abnormality that persists despite treatment or the removal of any local irritants. Lesions that interfere with oral functioning and those that have an undesirable effect on aesthetics should be removed or biopsied. Your dentist will determine if a need for a biopsy is indicated. All tissue samples are sent to an oral pathologist. Often a biopsy is the only way to diagnose oral lesions and diseases accurately.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Your dentist uses laser technology and microsurgical techniques to perform the least invasive biopsy possible. This way, it will make the patients feel comfortable during and after the procedure. Your periodontal team is here to help our patients relax and make them feel comfortable during this procedure!

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